Supplier Registration Guidance

This is a guide to Georgetown’s supplier registration process. The primary audience is students, but can also be used for individuals who are not registered as a business. Last updated: May 26th, 2022.

Creating an account:

Navigate to the supplier setup website .

Follow the instructions to create a new account:

1. Click Sign In at the top of this page .

2. Click “Create Account”

3. You will receive an email with a link to activate your registration account.

4. Once activated, you will be able to Sign In to complete your supplier registration request.

Completing the supplier registration request:

Before you complete step 2 of supplier registration, please complete one of the following two forms:

Download W-9 Form Here

Required fields:

(1) Name: Your legal name

(3) Tax classification: Check box for “Individual”

(5) Street Address

(6) City, State, Zip Code

Part I: Enter your social security number

Note – You will need the completed form in the next phase of the registration process.

Download W-8BEN Here

Detailed W-8BEN instructions Here

Required fields:

(1) Name: Your legal name

(2) Country of citizenship

(3) Chapter 3 Status: Check box for “Individual”

(4) Permanent Residence Address: address in home country

(5) Mailing address: your US address

Part II – your signature is required

Note – you will be uploading the complete form in phase 2 of registration.

Once you click the registration portal, you will be asked for the following information:

Supplier Details

Supplier Name: Your Name

Supplier Category: Other

Supplier Group: Individual

Tax ID: Social Security Number for US citizens/permanent residents or “N/A” if international student

What type of entity are you: Select “US individual” if you completed a W-9, or “International Individual” if you completed a W-8BEN.

For international individuals, you’ll be asked the following:

Are you being paid by GUQ? Answer: No

What currency would you like to be paid in? If you have a US bank account, select USD.

Upload your completed W-9 or W-8BEN in the box that appears.

Supplier Contact Details

Email address: GU email address if Georgetown student

Primary Contact Information

Country: United States of America

Address Line 1: Include your entire street address, including apartment number if applicable



Postal (Zip) Code

Click Next. Click Next past the “Goods and Services” page, and Next past the “Classifications” page.

On the Banking Information page, enter your direct deposit information. The required fields are:

Account Country

Account Type

Routing Transit Number

Account Number

Click Next.

Supplier Contact Information

Enter your name and email address as entered on the first page.

Click Next.

Review your information and click “submit” if everything looks correct.

Supplier ID numbers are generated within 5 business days.