Surgical Acting Internship

General Surgery AI: SURG-440

Department: Surgery

Instructor: Rebecca Evangelista, MD

Contact: Diana Onel

Phone Number: 202-444-8885

Location: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Reporting Time and Place:TBD

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 5 students/ block

Description: The General Surgery AI is a four-week rotation at GUH available during all blocks of the fourth year. Students will learn concepts applicable to all surgical patients and surgical disease processes. There are five different services to choose from, some of which are broader general surgery experiences while others provide more focused experience on surgical subspecialties of general surgery. To accommodate the first-call requirements of an Acting Internship, students will work directly with the intern on the service to have “first-call” experiences as well as work alongside the consult resident. Student work hours consistent with ACGME rules for interns. Primary responsibility is to manage patients pre-operatively and post-operatively on the ward and attend clinic to learn in -depth surgical decision-making. All students are required to give a single patient presentation during one weekly service report to faculty, residents and students. Acting Interns participate in the weekly resident lecture series as well as their own weekly lectures and skills lab.

General Surgery AI at VHC: SURG-445

Department: General Surgery

Instructor: John Sandiford, MD

Contact: Nicole Phelps

Phone Number: (703) 558-6492

Location: Virginia Hospital Center

Reporting Time and Place:7:30am at 1715 North George Mason Drive, Suite 001/Basement

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 1 student/block. (Two 3rd year students will be on rotation at the same time)

Description: The General Surgery AI is a four week rotation at Virginia Hospital Center available during all blocks of the fourth year. The student will be an active member of the surgical resident team (5th year, 3rd year, 2nd year and two interns are on rotation at VHC). This team covers all general surgical patients including the Kaiser Permanente service. The AI will be assigned to the pre-operative and post-operative care of inpatients and will participate in the operative procedures involved in these cases. In addition, there is a busy outpatient schedule and the AI will participate daily in these cases, both assisting and also performing limited surgical procedures as allowed by attending staff. The AI will coordinate an “on-call” experience with the intern/resident taking night/weekend call and participate in the work up and surgical treatment of emergency cases. The AI should also attend the outpatient clinic, the weekly tumor board/cancer conference and a weekly conference with Dr. Sandiford. The rotation should provide a student interested in a surgical career with a wide experience in all general surgical conditions and their treatment.

General Surgery AI at FFX: SURG-449

Department: Surgery

Instructor: Contact Molly Hobbs

Contact: Molly Hobbs

Phone Number: 703-776-6699

Location: Inova Fairfax Hospital

Reporting Time and Place: Contact Molly Hobbs

Duration: Four Weeks

Max Students: 1-2 students/block

Description: The Acting Internship (AI) in General Surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital is designed to provide the 4th year student with a comprehensive experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with surgical disorders of the GI tract, breast, and endocrine systems. This rotation will provide exposure to patients in the inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as the opportunity to participate in the operative management of patients with a wide variety of colorectal conditions, including obesity, breast disease, cancer, hepatic, and endocrine system.

The Surgical Services at Inova Fairfax Hospital are organized in a “team” format. The team consists of a compliment of junior and senior level surgical residents. The most senior level resident (usually a PGY4) functions as a team leader. The residents are involved in every aspect of patient care and function under the direct supervision of members of the Surgical Attending Staff. Patient care duties will be assigned to the AI and directly overseen by the team leader and the appropriate surgical attending. The AI will be responsible for taking nighttime call with the intern from the team to which they are assigned. This is on average a “one in four” schedule.