Teaching Elective

Harvey-Mitchell Teaching Elective: OMED-554

Department: Office of Medical Education (Administrative Elective)

Instructor: Eileen Moore, MD: moorees@georgetown.edu

Contact: medicaleducationoffice@georgetown.edu

Location: Med-Dent/Pre-Clinical Science Buildings

Duration: 4 weeks (Block 9); duration and block may vary from year to year.

Max Number of Students: 10-15 students/block 

Description: This elective is designed to provide fourth year students with the opportunity to cultivate their teaching skills in order to better prepare them for residency.  Students will meet with various Georgetown faculty to receive lectures on how to refine their teaching skills, with topics such as curriculum development, how to prepare a lecture, bedside teaching, how to give and receive feedback, and how to teach a difficult topic.  Students will develop lectures for junior medical students to help practice their improved skills.  Students will be expected to create their own lesson plans using various resources and teaching methods.  Students will rehearse their lectures with each other before presenting them, in order to gain experience with small group teaching and to learn how to provide and adapt to feedback from peers.  The course has reading requirements.  No call or structured weekend duties.  Note:  This is a student-driven elective and by its nature is in constant flux depending upon the identified needs of junior medical students.  Students are expected to be self-motivated and committed in their approach to this course.

Note: All students must apply if they wish to take this elective. Application information is sent out each year to the fourth year class.