The year 2017 marks 40 Years since the inception of the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program. Georgetown School of Medicine's Office of Diversity and Inclusion sees this Milestone as a point to reflect on the progress and development of the program thus far, and what the future holds for improvement in the delivery of  quality education and mentorship for the eventual success of GEMS Graduates.

Your Success Through GEMS!

For 40 years, students have selected the GEMS Program as their excellent choice to enrich academic skills and basic science knowledge in preparation for the rigors of medical education. 

We celebrate the contributions of our physician graduates to the profession of medicine, and the commitment and innovation of our faculty and staff who are excited to collaborate with future GEMS matriculants to identify areas of academic strength and improvement to advance opportunities for medical school admission. 

With careful reflection on your educational areas of development and the program offerings of GEMS, I strongly encourage your application to the GEMS program as we partner together for your success as a future physician providing quality care to the nation’s underserved communities.

David L.Taylor, Associate Dean for Student Learning & Director, GEMS Porgram