Student Research Advisory Committee

Student Research Advisory Committee (SRAC)

The Student Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) is composed of M2s and serves as a liaison for students looking to pursue research, both with faculty here at Georgetown and at nearby institutions, such as NIH. We are here to help you connect you with your future ISP mentor!
SRAC builds relationships with research faculty who are actively looking for student researchers. We work closely with the chair of the ISP Oversight Committee, Dr. Joseph Timpone to align with objectives of the ISP. We will provide timely updates and information regarding summer internships and research programs that Georgetown medical students have pursued over the years.

If you have questions about any of the following, please use the contact information below:

  • Potential Principle Investigators/Mentors for ISP
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Research Day, posters and/or presentations, judging
  • Summer research between M1/M2
  • What is research and why would I do it? 

Current Members

Class of 2021: Stephanie Johng, Mike Lindberg & L.Tamara Wilson
Contact Information:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Timpone,