M4 Clinical Advising

Clinical Advising Timeline

NRMP Resources

NRMP Charting Outcomes 2016 – Characteristics of U.S. Allopathic Seniors Who Matched to Their Preferred Specialty in the 2016 Main Residency Match (1st edition). This report provides data that shows how individual characteristics relate to the probability of applicants matching. 

NRMP Program Director Survey 2016 – This is a report that outlines the various attitudes and concerns of residency program directors as far as what they are considering in resident applicants as they decide who to interview and who to rank.

NRMP Data website – There are additional reports at the main NRMP website.

Do not forget the variety of career development resources available to you at the Dahlgren Memorial Library!

Two different timelines are presented here for your review.

The Dahlgren Memorial Library outlines the Careers in Medicine third and fourth year timeline here

Your GUSOM Clinical Advisors offer a slightly more detailed timeline for fourth year below.

M4 Clinical Advising Timeline

  1. End of Third Year (spring) – Beginning of Fourth Year (summer)
    • Be sure to attend Specialty Interest Meetings following Match Day
    • ERAS tokens will be issued by the Registrar’s Office
    • Register with the NRMP for the Main Residency Match
    • Register for early Match (for particular specialty fields only – Ophthalmology, Urology), if applicable
    • Submit bullet points for MSPE to Student Affairs
  2. July – September
    • Start uploading the ERAS application (CV, Personal Statement)
    • Identify/confirm faculty members for writing letters of recommendation
    • Be sure to attend Specialty Interest Meetings
    • “Specialty Discerning” or “Showcase” Electives
    • Consider USMLE Step 2 CK & CS (must be completed before December 31st of your fourth year)
      • Register through NBME
  3. September – October
  4. October 1: MSPE is released
  5. October – January
    • Residency interviews begin
    • Evaluate and compare residency programs by completing the Residency Preference Exercise as soon as you finish an interview
    • CS should be completed before 31 Dec
    • Early Match deadlines usually occur in early or mid-January
  6. January – February
    • Consider discussing rank list with Clinical Advisor or Specialty Advisor or both
    • Enter your Rank Order List for the NRMP match
  7. March
    • Students are notified the Monday before Match Day that they have matched
    • Match Day- Typically the third Friday in March; results are formally announced at 12:00pm EST
  8. February – May
    • Be sure that you have completed all of your medical school requirements including ISP & community service
    • Sign your residency contract and complete the necessary paperwork of your future program
    • Prepare for graduation, vacation, and the move