Erica McClaskey, MD, MS, FAAFP

Erica McClaskey, MD, MS, FAAFP, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, and the Director for the Family Medicine Clerkship.  Prior to this role, she spent 8 years as the Director of Ambulatory Care I and II and co-director for Evidence Based Medicine II.  Dr. McClaskey is a graduate of Howard University and received her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. She obtained a Master's of Science degree in cellular and development biology from the University of Houston in Texas. Dr. McClaskey has a long standing relationship with Georgetown.  She was a chief resident at Georgetown University/Providence Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, and completed a fellowship in the Department of Family Medicine's Community Health Center Director Development Program.  She is an attending physician at Providence Hospital with the Providence Hospital/Georgetown University Family Medicine Residency Program, and precepts residents at Fort Lincoln Family Medicine Center.  She has worked in a variety of clinical practice settings, and currently sees patients at MedStar Health Center-Family Medicine at Spring Valley in Washington, D.C.  Her interests include adolescent medicine and preventive health.  Outside of her obligations within Georgetown in the department of Family Medicine, Dr. McClaskey serves as the Chair of the Family Medicine Department at Providence Hospital. 


Annaliese Heussler

As the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Annaliese Heussler has the unique opportunity to work closely with the medical student body from their time of matriculation at GUSOM, through graduation, and at every stage inbetween.  As such, she is well versed in the complexities of medical student life at GUSOM and, through her role on MSLAC, strives to champion their personal and professional needs and rights in the basic science, clinical, and extracurricular settings.  Her primary areas of focus include expanding and enhancing the support services offered to graduate students on main and medical campuses, cultivating wellness in medical school, building the exisitng peer mentorship framework, and identifying new or reenvisioned ways of maximizing students' success while at GUSOM and beyond.  She welcomes any and all collaboration toward these shared goals and remains grateful for the privilege to serve on this important committee.

Student Co-Chair

Gregory McWilliams

Greg McWilliams is an M.D. candidate in the Class of 2017 at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He holds a B.A. in Biology with a minor in Spanish from Harvard University. During medical school, Greg has held leadership roles within the Infectious Disease, Pathology, and Internal Medicine interest groups on campus. 

As an MSLAC member, Greg is interested in LGBT issues and work-life balance.


Donna Cameron, PhD

Dr. Donna Cameron is passionate about showing students the potential of the community as a setting for both service and learning. Along with her work as Director of the Medical Center’s Service-Learning Program since 1999, she encourages students, faculty and staff to reflect on their own strengths and find ways to share them with each other in the academy and with community residents. Her research interests include balancing personal and professional demands, and the effects of organization/disorganization on well-being.

Nancy Harazduk

Nancy Harazduk, MEd, MSW, an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine is the Director of the Mind- Body Medicine Program.

To integrate Mind-Body Medicine into the medical school curriculum, she directs and teaches Mind-Body Medicine courses for first, second and third year medical students, law students, Physiology Masters students, and for the Faculty of Georgetown University School of Medicine and Georgetown Law Center. In this course, participants are taught to integrate mindfulness meditation, imagery, autogenic training, biofeedback, journal writing and movement into their personal and professional lives.

As the former Ombudsperson to medical students, Ms. Harazduk has unique insight into the need for there to be readily accessible avenues for our student body to voice concerns, observations and ideas regarding medical education and student life in a neutral and receptive context during their tenure at GUSOM. 

Ms. Harazduk has completed post-graduate training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD; the Healer's Art Professional Training course with Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; and the Clinical Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine with Herbert Benson, MD. In addition, she is certified in Interactive Guided Imagery by the Academy of Guided Imagery in Mill Valley, California.

Ms. Harazduk maintains a private psychotherapy practice specializing in Mind-Body Medicine therapies in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, PhD

Kevin T. FitzGerald, S.J., Ph.D., Ph.D., is the Dr. David Lauler Chair of Catholic Health Care Ethics in the Center for Clinical Bioethics at Georgetown University. He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology at the Georgetown University Medical Center. He received a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, and a Ph.D. in bioethics, from Georgetown University. His research efforts focus on the investigation of abnormal gene expression in cancer, and on ethical issues in biomedical research. He has published both scientific and ethical articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and in the popular press.

Fr. FitzGerald has given presentations nationally and internationally, and often been interviewed by the news media, on such topics as human genomic research, cloning, stem cell research, and personalized medicine. He is a founding member of Do No Harm, a member of the ethics committee for the March of Dimes, and a member of the Stem Cell Research Commission for the State of Maryland. In addition, he served until March 2009 as a member of the DHHS Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society.

Stephen Lockey

Stephen Lockey is a Medical Doctorate and Master of Business Administration dual-degree candidate at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the McDonough School of Business. He received his MS in Epidemiology from the University of Cincinnati and his BA in Chemistry from Franklin & Marshall College.

Stephen will serve as a student advocate for all members of the Georgetown community with particular emphasis on establishing and maintaining a professional environment for students upon their enrollment in the School of Medicine, and in creating a smooth transition to the clinical clerkship experiences of third and fourth years.

Charles A. Read, MD

Dr. Charles A. Read is a Professor of Medicine and Surgery at Georgetown University as well as the Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellowship Director. Dr. Read currently sits on the Committee of Students.

Phone: 202-444-8830
Office: 4th floor north Main Hospital room M4223

David L. Taylor, M.Ed.

Since 1990, David Taylor, M.Ed. has been an Administrative and Academic Professional in the Office of Special Programs at Georgetown University School of Medicine. In his role as the Associate Dean for Student Learning, Dean Taylor is responsible for initiatives that promote the retention and advancement of medical students through the four year curriculum. He utilizes knowledge and skills in educational philosophy and research, student and instructor interrelationships, advising and counseling, and learning and study strategies to implement academic support services essential to students’ academic success, the medical education mission and the quality of the learning experience.

Dean Taylor also has a critical role in teaching and mentoring students enrolled in the Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies (GEMS) program which targets under-represented and disadvantaged students. GEMS serves as a rich, viable pool of future medical students in support of Georgetown’s commitment to diversity in the health professions. Essential educational services include supplemental instruction in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology, and other structured activities designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and academic outcomes for these promising students. In addition, Dean Taylor is a member of the Subcommittee on Evaluation and Assessment, and serves as a pre-clinical advisor to freshman and sophomore medical students, and careers in medicine advisor to third and fourth year medical students.

Peter Wawrzusin

Peter Wawrzusin is an MD candidate of the Class of 2017 at Georgetown School of Medicine.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the Catholic University of America, and then conducted microscopy research at NIH before matriculating into Georgetown.

Peter hopes to make the lives of fellow students as smooth as possible as they pass through this exciting and demanding phase of their careers.  He is interested in promoting balance and the need to address life issues properly, despite the rigorous schedule of medical school.

Vi Duong

Vi is currently a fourth year medical student at Georgetown and resides in Northern Virginia. Prior to coming to Georgetown, she was an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia and holds a B.A. in Biology. In her free time, she likes to paint, travel overseas, and spend time with her family.

Jessica Hawken

Jess Hawken is a fourth year medical student from Northern Virginia who currently resides in Washington, DC. Prior to starting medical school at Georgetown, Jess attended Vanderbilt University and completed a degree in Medicine, Health and Society. She hopes to be a fair, representative advocate for her fellow medical students. In time outside the library, she enjoys reading, exercising, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Daniel Kim

Daniel is a third year medical student at the School of Medicine. He received a BA in Government from Georgetown University in 2012 and an MA in Christian Studies from Duke Diversity School in 2014. He is currently doing research in medical ethics and co-chairs campus operations for the Georgetown chapter of Physicians for Human Rights. Daniel is interested in medical pedagogy and formation of character.