Biographies for Membership in the Medical Student Life Advisory Committee


 Seble G. Kassaye, MD, MS
Seble G. Kassaye, MD, MS

Seble G. Kassaye, MD, MS is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, and trained in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology.  She serves as the Principal Investigator at the DC WIHS, with the main goal being to expand knowledge about the effect of HIV on women. Her research interests in clinical and translational HIV research is primarily derived from a strong interest in increasing access to effective HIV prevention and treatment strategies to the most at risk and indigent populations. 

Seble G. Kassaye, M.D., M.S.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
PI, Washington DC Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS)
Department of Medicine/ Division of Infectious Diseases
3800 Reservoir Road, NW
Georgetown University
Washington DC, 20007
Phone: (202)444-0086
Phone (WIHS): 202-687-8114
Fax: (877)665-8072 (clinic)
Fax: (202)784-0791 (WIHS)