Applying for International Programs

Step 1: Choose an International Location

Set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Irma Frank to discuss international opportunities and to pick up an application


Explore private initiatives in other countries

Step 2: Complete the Application Process

  • Submit the application to the Office of International Programs, with a photo
  • Sign and submit the Insurance Information and Waiver Form (with the signatures of 2 witnesses)
  • Submit a copy of your resume
  • Make sure that you have on file the necessary Away Elective paperwork from the Associate Dean’s Office

Step 3: Plan for Your International Elective

  • Submit flight information to the Office of International Programs
  • Make sure that all necessary immunizations are completed. Information regarding this can be obtained through the Georgetown International Health Services Office at (202) 687-6845, or through the Center for Disease Control at   

Immunization Recommendations

Upon your Return

  • All international elective evaluation forms have been completed by an appropriate foreign physician, and then returned to the Office of International Programs.
  • A brief summary describing your international experience must also be submitted to the Office of International Programs within 2 weeks of your return.

Important Information for Participants in International Elective Programs

The Office of International Programs makes every possible effort to assure the safety and well being of students participating in the International Elective Programs which it sponsors.  It is very important to be aware, however, that our programs are placements at overseas universities and hospitals, and as with any overseas program, there are risks involved due to factors beyond our control.  Georgetown University School of Medicine requires participants in the International Electives Programs to acknowledge by signing a liability waiver that the University cannot assume responsibility for risks beyond its control. 

Students who are considering international electives must be in good academic standing, and not subject to any pending action by the Committee on Students.