M.D. Program Application Process

The Committee on Admission selects students on the basis of academic achievements, character, maturity, and motivation. In rendering decisions, the Committee evaluates the applicant's entire academic record, performance on the MCAT, college premedical advisory committee evaluations, letters of recommendation, and the personal interview.

For the 2013 entering class, 12,250 applicants applied and 1,123 were interviewed. The applicants who enrolled had the following characteristics: mean science GPA, 3.68; mean MCAT, verbal 10.20, physical 11.01, biological 11.10; undergraduate major, 49 percent in the biological sciences, 5 percent in the physical sciences, 18 percent in social sciences, 1 percent in health sciences, 29 percent in various humanities and other majors; gender, 54 percent women, 46 percent men.

Georgetown participates in the centralized application service provided through the American Medical Colleges Application Service, a division of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Information on application to medical schools, and the electronic web-based application can be found at www.aamc.org.

The Georgetown University School of Medicine 2014 Guide to Application contains information on admission requirements, policies, and procedures.