MD/PhD Admissions Requirements


Application to the MD/PhD program requires only an application to Georgetown School of Medicine; a separate application to the graduate program of interest is not required. Therefore, the GRE is not required.

There are no specific GPA or MCAT score cutoffs used for admission to the MD/PhD program. However, most successful applicants have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and a cumulative MCAT score in the 90th percentile or higher. Apply as an MD/PhD candidate via the AMCAS system (deadline – November 1, 2024). This will require several extra essays at this initial step. When you receive the secondary application, make sure to denote that you are an MD/PhD applicant. The secondary application is due by November 15, 2024 (slightly earlier than the deadline for applications to the regular MD program). Admissions to the MD/PhD program are NOT done on a rolling basis; instead, all the applications are considered together after the due date and selected applicants are offered an interview.

We have a two round virtual (zoom) interview process. In the first round you will interview with a representative of the School of Medicine Admissions Committee. This is similar to an interview for the regular MD program, and is largely for the purpose of assessing your qualifications and interest in the MD portion of the MD/PhD training program. If – based on your application and interview – the Medical School Admissions Committee determines that you are a competitive applicant, you will move on to the second round of the interviews. These include an interview with MD/PhD program Director Todd Waldman as well as 2-4 additional interviews with research-focused faculty in your area of research interest. The purpose of these interviews is to assess your research experience and interests. Try to avoid over-preparing or reading from notes on your computer screen – you are a scientist! just be yourself. Some interviewers may want to know if you have specific interests in particular Georgetown faculty, whereas others will not care. So, best to read up on your Georgetown graduate program of interest before these interviews. 

Interviews will be conducted in early 2025. Initial offers will be made in early March 2025.

Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for the MD/PhD program.

Financial Aid

Students admitted to the MD/PhD program in the 2024-2025 admissions cycle will receive a full tuition scholarship, health insurance, and stipend during the entirety of their training. During the medical school portion of their training, the stipend will be $28,224 per year. During the graduate school portion, the stipend will be $41,420 per year.