MD/PhD Leadership and Staff

DirectorTodd Waldman, MD, PhD

Todd Waldman is a professor in the Department of Oncology in the Lombardi Cancer Center. In 2011, Dr. Waldman reported the discovery of a new cancer gene named STAG2, which is inactivated by mutation in bladder cancer, pediatric bone tumors, leukemias, brain cancers, and endometrial cancers. His research focuses on understanding the role of STAG2 in cancer pathogenesis.

Associate Director – Peter E. Turkeltaub, MD, PhD

Dr. Turkeltaub is an associate professor in the Department of Neurology. His research focuses on the brain’s organization for language and other cognitive faculties, how this organization changes in the context of developmental or acquired brain disorders, and how we might enhance recovery.

Program Coordinator – Casey Sheahan, MA

Casey has worked for the School of Medicine Office of Admissions for four years and has been working with the MD/PhD Program for the past three of those years.