MD/PhD Program FAQs

How long does the program take to complete?
Average time to completion is eight years.

Are you interested in applicants with specific areas of research interest?
Yes. At present, we focus primarily on candidates interested in cancer biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and bioethics.

Is it possible to arrange a visit/meeting prior to applying to the program?
Unfortunately, no. We have limited administrative resources and are therefore unable to arrange “pre-visits.” Also it would not be completely fair to those applicants who were unable to interact with program leaders and faculty prior to applying. However, Georgetown School of Medicine does have information sessions and student panels that you are welcome to attend virtually. You can find the dates and times listed here:

If I apply to the MD/PhD Program, will I also be considered for admission to the regular MD program as well?
Unfortunately, no. You must choose whether to apply for the MD/PhD program or the regular MD program. It is not possible to be considered for both in the same application cycle. 

What are you looking for in applicants to the program?
We are looking for super smart students who love biomedical research and have demonstrated that they are very good at it. Applicants must also fulfill the criteria for admission to Georgetown University School of Medicine. You can find out more about those criteria in the Guide to Application for the School of Medicine.

Do I need a specific GPA and/or MCAT score to be admitted to the program?
No. We read all applications regardless of GPA or test scores. However, in practice, students admitted tend to have unusually outstanding academic records and MCAT scores.

Should I apply directly from college, or should I take gap year(s) to do research, and then apply? Qualified applicants who are in their senior year of college (or in their first gap year) will not be at a competitive disadvantage when applying to the Georgetown MD/PhD program despite the fact that they tend to have less research experience than applicants with multiple gap years. If you have substantial research experience, are completely committed to the MD/PhD career path, and are excited to get started, we encourage you to apply.