Summer Immersion Program

Our Office is honored to partner with the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies for the second year in a row in sending 10 DC Public School students to the 1 Week Medical Institute and 3 Week Medical Immersion Programs at GUSOM. 

In 2019, local high school students from McKinley Technology High School, Ron Brown High School, Anacostia Senior High School, Calvin Coolidge Senior High School and Woodrow Wilson High School live and study on campus, gaining a snapshot of a first-year medical school curriculum while engaging in lab and fieldwork, dissections, patient case studies and simulations.

We are grateful to the leadership of Dean Kelly Otter at SCS, Esteban Olivares, Josh Fowler, Kathleen Tucker, and Dr. Ray Mitchell at GUSOM for creating a vibrant network of opportunities for our high school students.

Student testimonies

“The new scholars should also be told to always be on time and that they should also understand that getting lost is ok and to not start panicking because Georgetown is a big place” – Cochise Whitebear, Woodrow Wilson High School.

“This program allowed me to see my path to success much clearer now, I am able to confidently say that the medical field is the field that I see myself taking in the future. I see myself as a future Anesthesiologist” – Sorochi Ewelike, McKinley Technology High School

“Picking something like medicine isn’t easy knowing the field holds great responsibility and pressure. Making life and death decisions every day for a living is not easy and I’m glad they shared everything openly” – Hana Mesfin, Calvin Coolidge Senior High School