Members of the Medical School’s Class of 2023 Honored

Dean Jones speaks at a podium on the stage of Gaston Hall with SOM faculty seated behind him
Faculty, parents, spouses, children, significant others and friends gathered in Gaston Hall for the annual Warwick Evans Senior Awards Ceremony, a celebration of the achievements of members of the School of Medicine’s Class of 2023.

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(May 22, 2023) — Less than two days before officially becoming physicians, members of the School of Medicine Class of 2023 gathered at the annual Warwick Evans Senior Awards Ceremony to celebrate their classmates’ achievements. Parents, spouses, children, significant others and friends assembled in one of Georgetown’s most storied places, Gaston Hall, for the May 19 parade of awards. 

The Warwick Evans Senior Awards Ceremony is named for the first medical student to graduate from Georgetown, and many of the awards are named for those who have made significant contributions to the School of Medicine since its founding in 1851.

The evening was capped off by the student address. In keeping with tradition, members of the graduating class chose the speaker, Connor Lester (M’23), to reflect on the previous four years, which were defined by the COVID-19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd at the hands of police.

“We chose to prioritize each other, we prioritized those that were hurting, the underserved, the injustices in this world, and those most in need,” said Lester, who served as class president. “We struggled. We wrestled with real problems. We found new parts of ourselves during the most hard and painful moments. We admitted our own flaws, and our own biases, but demanded better.

“We made a meaningful difference against racism, health inequity and social justice,” Lester added. “The problems aren’t going away, and they will demand our attention into the future.”

Scenes from the 2023 Awards Ceremony

“The degree ‘Doctor of Medicine’ is not easily achieved. All of our students work hard, spending many hours digesting immense amounts of knowledge and polishing their clinical skills. I have had the good fortune of working with them and have been privileged to participate in their education.”
— Lee Jones, MD, Dean for Medical Education

With the sublime timing of a standup comedian, Lester shared reflections of his journey through medical school that took him back to the day he interviewed to be a student. “With 40 minutes to my interview, I looked down and realized I had packed two left shoes.”  With the help of a kind Uber driver, Lester got a new pair of shoes and made it to his interview on time. He then described experiences during medical school that can leave students feeling like they’re wearing “two left shoes.”

During the ceremony, Lester received three awards: the Bridget Fawcett McNamara Award for Excellence in Anesthesiology, the Stephen Ray and Ellen Mitchell Leadership Award, and the Knowlan Award.

Whitney Peterson (M’23) received the Sarah E. Stewart Award, given annually to a woman from the graduating medical school class in recognition of outstanding leadership qualities. Stewart was the first female graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1949. In 1971, she returned to the school as a professor of pathology.

Mia Jenkins stands next to Dean Cheng as she reads her award announcement onstage

Mia Jenkins received the Heinz Bauer Award, which is presented to a graduating minority student for integrity, scholarship, humanism and leadership.

Viv Dickens (M’23, G’23) received the most prestigious award, the Kober Award, presented in recognition of academic excellence. Named for George Kober, dean of the School of Medicine from 1901 to 1928, the award is bestowed by the School of Medicine faculty upon the medical student with the highest overall academic record and performance.

Earlier in the evening, Dickens received the Edward B. Healton, MD, Clinical Scholar Award on behalf of the Department of Neurology. Dickens is an MD/PhD scholar receiving a doctoral degree in medicine and research with highest academic distinction and will complete a residency in neurology at the University of Pennsylvania.

2023 Awardees


Milton Corn Award: Jonathan Dickens

Bridget Fawcett-MacNamara Award: Connor Lester

Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Gregory M. Chirikjian Award: Carolyn Hofley and Daniel Marchetti

The Faustino R. Suarez, MD Award: Daniel Marchetti


Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics Award: Helena Olivieri

Department of Medicine

William Argy Award: Jeffrey Riskin

Family Medicine

Family Medicine Community Service Award: Whitney Peterson

Family Medicine Research and Scholarship Award: Ruth Watson

The Robert R. Huntley, MD, Award for Academic Excellence in Family Medicine: Owen Sisbarro

Family Medicine Award for Leadership and Advancing Student Interest: John Wilson

Emergency Medicine

Michael Rolnick, MD Award: Charlotte Farley

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award for Medical Student Excellence: Kira Chandran


The Hematology/Oncology Award: Ishani Joshi

Internal Medicine

Keliher Award: Allison Fitzgerald

Microbiology & Immunology

The Mario Mollari Award: Michael Swett 


The Edward B. Healton, MD Clinical Scholar Award: J. Vivian Dickens


Barbara Bregman Neuroscience Department Award: Emily Krisanda


The Stacy L. Rollins, Jr., MD Award: Elizabeth Duquette

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Raymond T. Holden: Shelby Davis-Cooper


Heinz Bauer Award: Mia Jenkins


The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Award: Allison Fitzgerald


Ophthalmology Achievement Award: Daniel Kim

Orthopaedic Surgery

John N. Delahay Award: Eliana Schaefer


Donald M. Kerwin Award: Cristiana Pineda


Phillip L Calcagno Award: Taylor Pels

Pharmacology & Physiology

The Frank G. Standaert Award: Michael Swett 

Physiology & Biophysics

The Lawrence S. Lilienfield, MD, PhD Award for Excellence in Physiology: Eliana Schaefer


Award for Excellence in Physiology: Zaki Ahmed


The Francis L. Clark, Jr. Award: Sara Wierbowski and Kahlo Baniadam

Radiation Medicine

Radiation Oncology: Excellence in Education and Research Award: Nicole Hodgins Libbey


The James A. Cahill, MD Award: Caroline King


SMP Excellence in Academics Award: Zaki Ahmed

SOM Dean’s Office

Becker Award: Whitney Peterson

Donald M. Knowlan, MD, Award: Connor Lester

Edward Bunn Award: Ryan Leite

Georgetown Clinical Society Award: Zaki Ahmed, John Bovill, Ruth Watson

Learning Society Award: Erin Rachel Vaughn

Health Justice Alliance Award: Alexandra Payne

Health Justice Scholar Award: Benjamin Swaby

Jesuit Leadership and Service Award: Helena Oliveri, Sara Wierbowski, Tim Goblirsch

Latin Honors & Kober Medal: J. Vivian Dickens

Leonard Tow Award (Gold Humanism): Timothy Goblirsch, Stephanie Shin

Medical Education Development & Culture Award: Eric Nieto

Michael J. Caruso Award: Ambika Paulson

Sarah Stewart Award: Whitney Peterson

Stephen Ray and Ellen Mitchell Dean’s Leadership Award: Jessica Kang, Connor Lester, Eric Li

Student Mentorship Award: Lena Deb, Aisha Inuwa, Malcolm Meredith, Stephanie Shin, Camden Sutton


William C. Maxted Award: Alexandra Payne

U.S. Public Health Services

USPHS Service Award: Adeel Iqbal

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