Student Procurement and Reimbursements

The Office of Finance and Administration processes an average of 40-50 payments per week, which makes following proper procedures essential for receiving timely reimbursements.  Reimbursements which are incomplete or improperly completed will lengthen the reimbursement timeline for potentially weeks.  

Student organizations must submit a pre-approval form to receive reimbursements for their activities.

Supplier Registration

The university requires reimbursement recipients to submit a supplier registration form (new window).

Please refer to the supplier registration guidance page for assistance in completing the registration process.

After you have a supplier ID, select the relevant reimbursement form for your request below.

Documentation Requirements and Best Practices

The person who incurs the expense should be the person who registers as a supplier and submits the reimbursement request.

Receipts must be itemized. If you are requesting reimbursement for a purchase that includes tip, please submit both the itemized receipt and the receipt that includes the tip line.

Bank statements are not sufficient documentation but may be considered as a supplement if necessary.

If you are requesting reimbursement for services in which the vendor accepted a Venmo/Cashapp payment, please be sure to include documentation that outlines the vendor’s pricing structure (i.e., proof that the payment amount was agreed upon ahead of time)/details about what the transaction is for.

If these guidelines are not followed, you risk forfeiting your reimbursement.

Prohibited Reimbursements

Gift cards are not reimbursable under any circumstances.

Local transportation is not reimbursable unless you are taking transportation to a conference.

Alcohol purchases must be accompanied by food.


Conference Reimbursements

Event Pre-Approval Form (required for all in-person, virtual, on-campus and off-campus events)

Reimbursement Form – for submitting approved reimbursement requests (non-conference) (Google Form)