Reimbursement Process

The Office of Finance and Administration processes an average of 40-50 payments per week, which makes following proper procedures essential for receiving timely reimbursements.  Reimbursements which are incomplete or improperly completed will lengthen the reimbursement timeline for potentially weeks.  

It is required that all students seeking reimbursements must submit a supplier registration form found here.  Please register a 'regular supplier account." There will be no tax implications for your reimbursements and it will also allow for easier processing for other financial transactions, like academic awards.

After completing the above form, select the relevant reimbursement form for your request and follow the directions for submission on the form. 

Class Funds Reimbursement

Club/Interest Group Reimbursement

Dean's Office Conference Reimbursement Application

HOYA Clinic Reimbursement Form

International Elective Reimbursement Form

Learning Society & GSMP Reimbursement Form


ProCard Policy

The Office of Finance and Administration offers limited use of the department's ProCard. This is an alternative to reimbursement for students whose events lend themselves to over-the-phone payment (the procard is tax exempt, which limits the amount of online transactions we can make, specifically in regards to food).


  1. The card is not given to students, so students are limited to using the card for food/goods that can be delivered to Georgetown.
  2. The card can only be used for transactions over $250. For transactions that do not reach the minimum, students must go through the reimbursement process. 
  3. Students must provide a written request for use of card with at least 48 hours notice. Requests should be sent to -- Interest group members, please ensure the Executive Council has placed your event on their spreadsheet. We do not place orders for charges that haven't been approved by the Executive Council.]
  4. In order to collect all required documentation, deliveries are directed to the Office of Finance and Administration. Students must come here to retrieve their items.
  5. To that end, we can only accommodate events that are held within normal business hours.