Bioethics Academic Track 

The Bioethics Academic Track is an initiative from the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics (PCCB), and is intended to support Georgetown University School of Medicine students who show exceptional interest and scholarship in Biomedical Ethics. This track will allow students to gain additional Bioethics knowledge and develop skills in Biomedical Ethics beyond what is provided in the standard curriculum. The primary emphasis will be developing critical analysis skills of ethical reasoning.

Students will learn about relevant ethical concerns in medicine through didactics, journal clubs, discussion groups, and experiential learning. In addition, students will be offered opportunities to shadow clinical ethicists, interact with a variety of scholars, and participate in hospital ethics committee and IRB meetings. This track presents a unique opportunity for the students to learn from an interdisciplinary perspective. During one segment of the track, medical students will interact with graduate nursing students to practice specific elements of teamwork, including communication, collaboration, respect, and empathy.

Course Directors:

David G. Miller, PhD -> Email (

Claudia Ruiz Sotomayor, MD, DBe -> Email (

List of Faculty Participants:
Anne Dalle Ave MD -> Email (

Ed Grant JD MA -> Email (
Sarah Moses PhD -> Email (
Allen H. Roberts II, MD, M.Div., MA -> Email (

Myles N. Sheehan, SJ, MD -> Email (
Christopher Spevak, MD, MPH, JD -> Email (
Claudia R. Sotomayor, MD, DBe -> Email (
Daniel P. Sulmasy, MD, PhD -> Email (
Sarah B. Vittone, RN, MA, MSN, DBe -> Email (

James J Giordano, PhD, MPhil -> Email (