Environmental Health and Medicine Track

With the increase in extreme weather patterns and environmental toxins, it is important for future physicians to understand how these changes impact patient health and healthcare delivery.

The Environmental Health and Medicine track aims to create a generation of physicians that are prepared to face a patient population in the context of these environmental changes. Students will gain a solid understanding of the relationship between the environment and patient health as well as learn how to approach novel complications due to the dynamics of climate change, and how to incorporate environmental health into clinical practice. This track will also foster the development of environmental history-taking skills, patient advocacy, and medical sustainability.

This track highlights how vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected and serves as an indispensable tool in preparing future healers to understand the broader medical implications of the climate crisis and the ramifications it will have on shaping health systems.

Track Director/s

Shiloh Jones, Ph.D.

Mary Jane Reen, MD