Know Your Bias

An Interactive Guide for Unconscious Bias Management in the Workplace

(Image Title: "Know Your Bias: An interactive toolkit for School of Medicine and Medstar faculty and staff to create a more equitable workplace through understanding unconscious bias." Subheading: "Each one of us has an innate unconscious bias: social stereotypes about certain groups of people that we form outside our own conscious awareness (UCSF Diversity and Outreach). These biases may affect our treatment of others, particularly in the appointment and promotion process and in creating an inclusive workspace).

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What is Bias?

Learn more about:

  • Conscious vs. unconscious bias
  • The scope of bias
  • The ways that our biases influence the way the way we work with others. 

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Research on Unconscious Bias

  • View statistics and research on unconscious bias in our everyday lives
  • Given what you’ve read, try out a bias exercise!

Unconscious Bias in Interviewing and Letters of Recommendation

  • Reflect on quantitative findings and qualitative reflections of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Read about occurrences of bias in the workplace, particularly interviewing and letters of recommendation 

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Reading Resources

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Dr. Johnson’s team found increased post-shift racial bias

Dr. Tiffani Johnson and her team demonstrate the results of several studies on implicit bias. Dr. Johnson’s team found increased post-shift racial bias when the Emergency Department (ED) was more overcrowded. Racial bias also increased when residents were made to care for more patients during their shift. …