Health Equity Forum

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Georgetown University School of Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of a new Health Equity Forum that will serve as a robust discussion space about health and healthcare disparities that exist in our local and national medical landscapes. Speakers will be invited to present dynamic “TED” style talks that shed more insightful light onto health equity challenges and innovative/insightful approaches to address these challenges. Lively Q&A will follow!

The Health Equity Forum seeks to:

  • Promote conversation and awareness around health inequalities that exist between populations, particularly among underserved populations, as well as progress made in addressing those health disparities. 
  • Engage local and national health care practitioners and researchers as well as current Georgetown faculty, researchers and alumni of Georgetown SOM on current health care topics and events.
  • Present interactive talks, panels and activities that cultivate fellowship, community learning and reflection across campus.
Dr. Quinn Capers IV, MD, FACC, FSCAI from The Ohio State University School of Medicine with GEMS students.
Dr. Quinn Capers IV, MD, FACC, FSCAI from The Ohio State University School of Medicine with GEMS students

Past Health Equity Forums

  • “End of Life: Considerations and Policy Discussions” with Adedamola Badewa 
  • “Challenges and Solutions to Healthcare for Ex-Offenders” with Eric Nieto
  • “Practicing While Religious: Opportunities and Challenges” with Claudia Sotomayor, MD, DBe; Aviad Haramati, PhD; Sarah Kureshi, MD, MPH
  • “Within and Beyond the Walls: A Framework for Operationalizing Equitable Systems of Care” with Dr. Christopher King
  • “Yes, I Have Implicit Biases, Now What?” with Dr. Kenya Beard
  • “Colorblindness, Color Consciousness: Race Matters in Medical Education, Research, and Practice” with Jennifer Tsai
  • “Primary Care for Gender Minorities” with Dr. Leon Lai
  • “Social Justice in Medicine: Beyond Access” with Alynna Wiley (GEMS Alumna)
  • “Physician Burnout: Healing the Healer” with Brendon Peterson (GEMS Alumnus)
  • “Metabolic Syndrome and Breast Cancer Disparities” with Dr. Lucile L. Adams-Campbell, Ph.D.
  • “Going Beyond the Buzzwords of “Diversity and Inclusion at Medical Schools: Are We Moving the Needle Enough?” with Dr. Marc A. Nivet, EdD, MBA
  • “Reducing Mental Illness Stigma through Unconscious Bias Education” with Dr. Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC