Council on Diversity Affairs

Diversity at the Georgetown University School of Medicine encompasses a multitude of dimensions, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, cultural background, class, ability, national origin and more. Diversity, as we understand it, means that the institution’s many constituents are a mosaic of people.

In this rich context, the Council on Diversity Affairs (CODA) will act as an advisory resource for Dr. Susan Cheng, Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. CODA will focus on aspects of student campus life and the educational experience with respect to climate for diversity, inclusion, and culture; curricular and service learning program design suggestions; and, recommendations to promote increased recruitment, retention and advancement of students from minority and/or other disadvantaged groups across the Georgetown University School of Medicine. More details on our values can be found here.

CODA Priorities:

  • Visibility: to increase the visibility of diversity and inclusion on campus
  • Support: to create support for an inclusive environment that bolsters all students. staff, and faculty
  • Curriculum Development: to indulge interest in ideas or projects that integrate diversity and inclusion within the curriculum of medical school student training

Previous CODA achievements include:

CODA Past Accomplishments
1. Care for the Caregiver - launching an initiative addressing student mental health needs and providing group therapy supports (2016 - 2017);
2. D&I Panel for Second Look: participating in a diversity and inclusion panel for Second Look Day (2016 - 2017);
3. Cultural Competency Research - researching cultural competency workshops for M1 and M2 curricula (2016 - 2017);
4. Whitman Walker Clinic Rotations: supporting a 4th year rotation at the clinic (2016 - 2017);
5. Establishment of a gender neutral bathroom in the pre-clinical building (2015 - 2016);
6. Reconditioning of the curriculum to include cultural competency with regard to the LGBTQ+ community (2015 - 2017);
7. Planning and execution of Lavender Graduation, a celebration of the achievements of LGBTQ+ students and allies (2015 - 2017). 
8. The planning and execution of Georgetown's "Why Black Doctors" and "What a Doctor Looks Like" educational events (2015 - 2016);
9. Facilitation of dialogues on diversity (2016 - 2017);
10. Co-sponsorship of panel discussions on mental health, spear headed by CODA member Amanuel Shitaye (2016 - 2017).

Against a violet background, a photograph of Alynna Wiley (left), with text (right) reading – “My GEMS year offered me an opportunity an opportunity to reconstruct the way I learn and face challenges. Throughout this experience I realized I wanted to shape a piece of my professional life around social issues surrounding vulnerable communities.” – Alynna Wiley 2022 [CODA Spotlight, Second Look 2019].

Against a lavender background, a photograph of Catherine Bi (left) with text (right) reading – “I think there’s a power to storytelling and to having people feel as though their narratives matter and are heard.” – Catherine Bi 2022 [CODA Spotlight, Second Look 2019].