Tim Utz from Hoya MedAlliance

Our next spotlight is on Tim Utz, the co-president of Hoya MedAlliance (HMA). As someone who attended a Jesuit undergraduate institution and someone who chose Georgetown University School of Medicine for the importance it places on Jesuit notions of wholistic teaching, Tim encapsulates the idea of balance. He states his biggest achievement at medical school has been finding “a sense of balance” at Georgetown as he manages to prioritize community engagement, education, and social time.

Tim also brings this wholistic, balanced living approach to his work as co-president of HMA. HMA balanced priorities include both social and academic development events. For instance, Hoya MedAlliance recently conducted a virtual panel with LGBTQ+ healthcare experts and lawyers to discuss current policy issues such as the Supreme Court’s decision to protect LGBTQ+ workers and Trump’s Health and Human Services department’s decision to reverse LGBTQ+ protections. In addition to events that have an academic theme in order to educate the greater GUSOM student body regarding LGBTQ+ health issues, the organization achieves balance by hosting social events such as outdoor barbeques and outings to local queer-friendly bars before the pandemic. Since the pandemic, zoom socials have replaced the regular social events.  

When asked to provide his definition of diversity, Tim stated that diversity and inclusive excellence to him is the concept that “we are all brought together by celebrating our uniqueness.” Furthering his views on the importance of acknowledging uniqueness, Tim advises incoming students to do something unique before attending medical school so that they can learn from others they normally might not encounter before coming to medical school.