Health Equity Forum

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Georgetown University School of Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of a new Health Equity Forum that will serve as a robust discussion space about health and healthcare disparities that exist in our local and national medical landscapes. Speakers will be invited to present dynamic “TED” style talks that shed more insightful light onto health equitychallenges and innovative/insightful approaches to address these challenges. Lively Q&A will follow!

The Health Equity Forum seeks to:

  • Promote conversation and awareness around health inequalities that exist between populations, particularly among underserved populations, as well as progress made in addressing those health disparities. 
  • Engage local and national health care practitioners and researchers as well as current Georgetown faculty, researchers and alumni of Georgetown SOM on current health care topics and events.
  • Present interactive talks, panels and activities that cultivate fellowship, community learning and reflection across campus.

Past Health Equity Forums

“End of Life: Considerations and Policy Discussions”

Adedamola Badewa 

“Challenges and Solutions to Healthcare for Ex-Offenders”

Eric Nieto

April HEF

“Practicing While Religious: Opportunities and Challenges”

Claudia Sotomayor, MD, DBe; Aviad Haramati, PhD; Sarah Kureshi, MD, MPH

Practicing While Religious (Panel) Health Equity Forum

“Within and Beyond the Walls: A Framework for Operationalizing Equitable Systems of Care”

Dr. Christopher King

Christopher King Health Equity Forum

Yes, I Have Implicit Biases, Now What? 

Dr. Kenya Beard

Kenya Beard HEF 1Kenya Beard HEF 2

Colorblindness, Color Consciousness: Race Matters in Medical Education, Research, and Practice

Jennifer Tsai

Jennifer Tsai: Colorblindness, Color Consciousness

Primary Care for Gender Minorities

Dr. Leon Lai

Dr. Leon Lai: Primary Care for Gender Minorities

Social Justice in Medicine: Beyond Access

Alynna Wiley (GEMS Alumna)

Physician Burnout: Healing the Healer

Brendon Peterson (GEMS Alumnus)

Alynna Wiley and Brendon Peterson HEF

How Medical Students, Residents, and Physicans Can Address Social Determinants of Health

Dr. Malika Fair

Dr. Malika Fair: How Medical Students, Residents and Physicians Can Address Social Determinants of Health

How’s Your Heart? Compassion & Medicine: Fostering Compassion in a Contemporary Context

Dr. Sylvia Morris

Dr. Sylvia Morris Health Equity Forum

Disabusing Disability: Up Close and Personal

Dr. Oluwaferanmi O. Okanlami

1/18 Health Equity Forum

Love Thy Neighbor: A Muslim Physician’s Experience in Rural America

Dr. Ayaz Virji

Dr. Virji HEF

Infectious Disease Crisis: Antimicrobial Resistance and Mortality

Jason Chavez

Gaming in Medicine: The Role of Simulation

Brittany Bolston

Jason Chavez & Brittany Bolston HEF Presentations

Anybody Listening? Real Talk: Resiliency in Medicine

Panelist: Director Nancy Haraduk, Dean David Taylor, Dr. Stacy Kaltman

Anybody Listening?

What A Doctor Looks Like: Exploring Conscious and Unconscious Bias Within the Healthcare Setting

A panel discussion with Dr. Ericka McClaskey, Dr. Asante Dickson, Dr. Jennifer Ellis, Dr. Yolanda Haywood, Dr. Megha Fitzpatrick, Dr. Charles Read Jr., and Dr. Latasha Seliby

What A Doc Looks Like Flyer

Suffering in Silence: Speaking Up on Mental Health in Medical School

A panel discussion with Dr. Anthony J. Belotto, Dr. John C. Wright, Dr. Aviad Haramati

Moderators:  Michael Marll, Amanuel Shitaye

 Dr. Anthony J. Belotto

 Dr. Anthony Belotto completed his residency in the Georgetown Department  of Psychiatry, and is now completing his Fellowship program for Child &  Adolescent Psychiatry.

  Dr. John C. Wright

 Dr. John Wright is a licensed psychologist. He provides private counseling  and consultative services to students at the Center for Multicultural Equity  & Access, and is the assistant director for diversity initiatives at CAPS.

  Dr. Aviad Haramati

 Dr. Aviad Haramati is the professor of Integrative Physiology, and is also the  director of CENTILE. He co-founded the Mind Body Medicine elective course  at Georgetown University School of Medicine, and his interests are focused  on stress management and medical education.

Great Minds Think Differently: The Science of Diversity and the Impact of Unconscious Bias

Dr. Anna Han

Anna Han Health Equity Forum

Metabolic Syndrome and Breast Cancer Disparities

Dr. Lucile L. Adams-Campbell, Ph.D.

[Click to watch Dr. Lucile L. Adams-Campbell’s speech]

Going Beyond the Buzzwords of “Diversity and Inclusion” at Medical Schools: Are We Moving the Needle Enough?

Dr. Marc A. Nivet, EdD, MBA

[Click to watch Dr. Marc A. Nivet’s speech]

The Forgottn Ones: Community Violence-Related PTSD in Children and Adolescents

Oswald Reid, Jr.

Healthcare Challeneges and Solutions for the LGBTQ Community

 Griselda Potka

Oswald Reid and Griselda Potka HEF

Reducing Mental Illness Stigma through Unconscious Bias Education

Dr. Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC

[Click to watch Dr. Javeed Sukhera’s speech]