2017 GEP Scholars

Everette Mcilwain Photo

Everette Mcilwain

Everette Mcilwain is a rising Senior at Mckinley Technology High school. He is from Southeast, DC and believes that with a positive mindset and tenacious attitude your learning will expand and opportunities will be presented to you. As a Scholar in the Gateway Exploration Program, he seeks to gain experience and develop a clear understanding as to what it means to be a doctor and what field it is that he desires to pursue. Upon graduating from high school, Everette plans to pursue his college and graduate studies in order to become a pediatrician. Everette is shadowing with the Department of Family Medicine this summer.

Bamlak Kidane Photo

Bamlak Kidane

Bamlak Kidane is a senior at Roosevelt High School. She is from Ethiopia and moved to the United States. She is interested pursuing medicine, along with biology and math. Helping people who are suffering makes her happy. She believes that people can be successful if they truly believe in what they are doing. In the future, Bamlak wants to study pediatrics and offer care to children in need. Bamlak is shadowing with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office this summer.

Taylor Holmes Photo

Taylor Holmes

Taylor Holmes is a Senior at Calvin Coolidge High School and wants to study medicine and explore the profession of an Orthopedic Surgeon. She is from Washington D.C. Her career goals after studying medicine include becoming a surgeon and starting her own practice. As a Gateway Scholar, she will take every opportunity this summer to learn about the medical profession, develop strong mentoring connections at Georgetown and research local health disparities in the District. Taylor is shadowing with the Department of Medicine this summer.

Jamir Grayton Photo

 Jamir Grayton

Jamir Grayton is a rising senior who attends McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC. He is currently employed at Georgetown University School Of Medicine as a scholar in the Gateway Exploration Program. Jamir is interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian and taking care of animals. While in high school, he has been taking classes such as AP Biology, Biology, and Biotechnology classes for three years that will help him have a better view of how he will reach the goals he has set in front of him. Jamir is shadowing with the Department of Medicine this summer.

Laureen Polite Photo

Laureen Polite

Laureen Polite is a rising senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy. she is from Washington D.C. and has a strong interest in becoming a registered nurse and exploring medicine. She has had a passion to help out people in need since she was the age of 12. Laureen’s life goal is to love what she does and care for people in need. She is dedicated to her work and believes that if you believe in yourself and you put your best foot forward in what you want to do, you will succeed no matter what comes your way. Laureen is shadowing with the Department of Radiology this summer.

Erica Serrano Photo

Erica Serrano

Erica Serrano is a rising junior at Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Washington, DC. She hopes to become a pediatrician in the future and has a passion for helping others. Erica believes that diversity and teamwork are essential in producing great work. As a Gateway Exploration Program Scholar, she spends her time on the Georgetown University Medical Center researching local health disparities and shadowing doctors. Erica joined this summer program to gain experience in the medical field and to explore the different medical professions. She is grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to helping others in the near future. Erica is shadowing with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Office this summer.

Mikayla Hill Photo

Mikayla Hill

Mikayla Hill is a rising Junior attending Woodrow Wilson Senior High School in Washington, DC. Mikayla joined Gateway Explorations program in order to gain more knowledge on the medical profession and become more prepared for college. Mikayla hopes that the information that she learns here will help her later when she plans on becoming a Cardiologist. Mikayla is shadowing with the Department of Internal Medicine this summer.

Gloria Onuoha Photo

Gloria Onuoha

Gloria Onuoha is a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School who focuses on biotechnology and hopes to attend a prestigious university in order to become a Medical Doctor. Growing up in a Nigerian household while living in the nation’s capital, her family vocalized the importance of education and accomplishing set goals. Having a family with various medical practitioners, she knew the hard work and struggles she would encounter to reach her dream of being in the medical field. She hopes that through knowledge, medical experience, and exposure to great experiences at the Georgetown School of Medicine, that she will use her skills and education to medically operate and assist people of all ages regarding family medicine or Pediatrics. Gloria is shadowing with the Department of Radiology this summer.

Abosede Onibon-oje Photo

 Abosede Onibon-oje

Abosede A. Onibon-oje is a full-time student at McKinley Technology High School. She is from Washington, D.C.. She aspires to explore the field of medicine and medical research. She is currently contemplating the career path of a pharmacist and obtaining a masters’ in pharmacology and toxicology. Her love for chemistry and biology opens up her up to new possibilities and experiences beyond the surface level of things. She also loves to dance and has a diverse taste in music. She enjoys reflection and discussion with her colleagues. Abosede is shadowing with the Department of Family Medicine this summer.

GEP Staff

Temi A Photo

 Temi Aladesuru

Temi Aladesuru is a junior at Princeton University from Olney, Maryland. He is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major with a possible minor in Urban Studies. Temi believes that diversity strengthens any team, in any walk of life, and is paramount to the success of the progression of modern medicine. As an innovation associate, He hopes to foster skills in diversity work and bring them back to campus to further initiatives there. In the future, Temi intends on either attending medical school to pursue pediatric oncology or work in the field of health policy.

Jawn Manning Photo

 Jawn Manning

Jawn A. Manning is a recent graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana majoring in History with a Biology and Chemistry Minor. She is from St. Louis, Missouri and has a strong belief that culturally diverse and inclusive spaces foster the best learning and growth environments for all individuals. Her life experiences and pre-med journey have paved the way for her to fully understand and appreciate valuing diversity and implementing inclusive practices in Medicine. Following the mission of her Alma Mater, Jawn’s life goal is to ‘promote a more just and humane society’ through practicing medicine in an underserved community and mentoring other minority individuals through their journeys. She thoroughly believes that breaking down barriers is the best way to assist communities and individuals in any field.