2021 GEP Scholars

Kiarra Bellamy is a recent graduate from Wilson High School, who will be attending the University of Florida. While in high school, she was a part of the biomedical sciences pathway in her school’s SciMaTech academy. She was also involved in numerous extracurriculars such as National Honor Society, Community Service Club, cross country, and tutored for a local organization. For fun, she enjoys baking, doing puzzles, and crocheting. Kiarra will be majoring in biochemistry on the pre-med track with the goal of going to medical school and becoming a neonatologist.

Maya Briscoe is a rising senior at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School. She enjoys science, music, movies, books, and helping others feel their best. In the future, she would like to earn both an MD and a Ph.D. and soon become both a researcher and a pediatric hematologist. She is a Girl Scout Ambassador, a Health and Biosciences Academy member at her high school, and plays tennis. GEP has taught her that underrepresented people who are normally in the background can join those on the front line and that she should go for her dreams no matter what challenges stand in her way.

Joseph Chimdi Chuku is 18 years old, an author, tutor. Nigerian by birth, and also quite adventurous. He has always wanted to help people, and that is why he aspires to be a cardiologist. He is a senior in Coolidge highschool where he was given an opportunity during the summer to be a part of a part of GEP, a program that would help him reach his future goal.

Taylar is a rising junior at Eastern Senior High School. She is a part of the NAF Academy for Health Sciences. She is intrigued by learning new concepts and skills. Taylar plans to graduate high school with a 4.0 GPA (or higher) to pursue her dreams of attending Stanford University or Georgetown University to major in pediatrics.

Ta’Janae is a rising junior at Coolidge High School, she enjoys learning and working with others. She learned a lot from G.E.P about the medical field. She really enjoyed the program because not only did she learn about what she wants to be in her future she also learned from the staff and others at G.E.P. She wants to be an OB/GYN nurse and to own her own business. She is a really bright person, and she loves to go for long walks and cook sometimes. 

Riley Frey is a rising senior at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington DC. He is currently in the biomedical science track within the Science/Math/Technology (SCIMATCH) academy at Wilson and co-founded a biomed club with Annie Mclean (another GEP scholar). He is one of the captains of Wilson’s Ultimate Frisbee team and also really enjoys skiing in the winter time. Riley hopes to study psychology and medicine in college and is excited to indulge in life as a physician within the GEP program.

Venessa is a rising senior at Eastern Senior High School. She is part of the NAF Academy of Health Science.Vanessa is a part of the Empowerment Girl Group at her high school. Venessa plans to graduate high school with a 4.0GPA or higher. She plans to get a bachelors’ degree in Biology/Biochemical science  with hopes of becoming a physician, precisely a pediatric neurologist. During this GEP program,Venessa hopes to learn more about the different professions in the medical field. Outside of school, she loves watching movies, reading , traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

This is Serenity Greene, a graduate from Friendship Collegiate Academy. She was a part of Collegiate’s health science academy. During her free time she likes to write and spend time with family.  She is a hard working student athlete who is determined to achieve every goal she sets for herself in the future. She is very passionate & eager about becoming a pediatric surgeon after 4 years of college majoring in biology. In the fall she is set to attend North Carolina Central University. She decided to be a part of GEP because it’s a great program that will give her more knowledge of the different health science fields and would impact her future. I encourage others to be a part of GEP if you are deciding to go into the health field. 

Lauren Handon is a rising Junior at Eastern Senior High School who is a member of the Eastern Academy of Health Sciences. Lauren’s Favorite subject during the school year was science and math .  Lauren would like to pursue a career in radiology because radiology is an important aspect in health care.  In her free time Lauren  enjoys reading books , listening to music and enjoying comedy movies. Lauren joined the GEP program and she is looking forward to learning about diversity in medicine and more about different health care professions.

My name is Danielle Lorie Kandeu is a rising junior at eastern senior high school. My plans for the future is to be an OB/GYN doctor or be a model actress. I like playing volleyball. I like travelling with my family and friends. I also do modeling and acting every month. I chose GEP because I want to learn more about being an ob/gyn. Fun fact about me is I like minding my own business.

Yosselin Lazo Gonzalez, a rising senior at McKinley Technology High School, where she has chosen Biotechnology as her STEM course, hopes to major in nursing in the future. During the GEP Program, her goals are to learn what it is like to become a doctor, what roles and responsibilities she has to take for her to have a future in the medical field. She loves to travel and wishes to travel to different countries to be able to help with their medical issues they might have. 

Camille McKoy is a rising Junior at Dr. Henry A Wise Jr. High School in PG county Maryland, who is currently on her school’s cheerleading team and drama club. She is an active participant in the Biomedical program. She is a straight A student. After she graduates high school, she plans to major in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner and minor in Theatre. In her spare time she likes to paint and dance. Camille is hoping to learn what it is like to work in the medical field at GEP.

Annie is a rising senior at Woodrow Wilson High School. She is in the BioMedical Sciences track in school and co-founded the BioMed club at Wilson with Riley Frey (another GEP scholar). Taking part in the GEP Internship, Annie hopes to learn more about pediatrics and family medicine, as she wants to be a pediatric nurse and someday become a nurse practitioner. Annie plans to continue working with children throughout her life and career, and she is very excited to mix her love of science and passion to help people to take part in a healthcare profession.

Binyam is a rising senior attending Coolidge Senior High School. Binyam is a member of the Coolidge Academy of Health Sciences. When he goes to college, he wants to study oncology. In the future, he would like to become an oncologist because of the people that come in desperate and feel abandoned. He wishes to provide to help people who are in need of love, hope and aspiration. In his role as a GEP scholar, he is very interested in learning about healthcare and interacting with healthcare professionals. Aside from medicine, Binyam also enjoys playing soccer and coding.

This is Devin Monroe, a rising senior attending McKinley Technology High School. He plays baseball, football and also runs track & field. In the future, he wants to become a Navy corpsman. The reason he joined GEP was to gain experience and learn more on medicine. He loves to take pictures of landscapes and sports photography. 

Kyndall Myers is an upcoming senior at McKinley Technology High School. She loves cheering and during her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is very eager to have her own business in Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy because she is very passionate in helping others. Currently, she is a Biotechnology student hoping to become NAF certified and learn things she can take with her in the future. She hopes to gain more insight on her career choice and build connections with physicians that she can continue to learn from during and after her time in the GEP program.

As a rising senior from McKinley Technology High School, Goodness Odagbodo desires to pursue a career in medicine as a surgeon and chose GEP because of its medical nature. Aiding the pharmacy department at the United Medical Center, his character reveals his promising future as a health professional, one who loves others. In his sophomore year of high school, he played soccer and was in the financial literacy club, revealing multiple aspects of his whole person. Goodness expects to learn professional skills during his time at GEP, versatilities that foreshadow an excellent future as a great physician for coming generations

Christiana Oseafiana is a rising senior from Bladensburg High School in Prince Geroge’s County, Maryland. Christiana is very passionate about becoming a Neonatal or NICU nurse practitioner after graduating from an accredited four-year-university, a career she had in mind since she was a sophomore in high school. All her life, she has had an interest in working in the healthcare field, because she loved helping people and being the one to make them smile and giving them hope that they are going to be okay, especially kids and babies, alongside elders who have a special place in her heart. Outside of school, Christiana loves to read and write, alongside sing songs that range from her favorite artists, Cleo Sol and Mariah the Scientist in her free time. She is also a volunteer for a non-profit granola company that advocates for adults who have autism, to have jobs, called Luv Michael.

Brondone(Brandon) and he is a rising senior at Eastern High School and he is a member of the Eastern Academy of Health Sciences. He wants to attend Georgetown University to major in science and also because he knows that they have a Health studies program that he needs for his future in order to become a doctor. He speaks french really well because he learned it at his young age and he is also a fan of soccer. He is interested in becoming a doctor, because his grandmother was also a doctor and she inspired him in helping others. He got involved in GEP because he wanted to learn how to get involved in a medical field and help others in action. He also wants to make everyone happy by giving them good health.

Darlin Rivera is a rising senior at Woodrow Wilson High School , she is the leader of the LatinX STEM club at her school along with Isabel. Her favorite class is medical interventions because of the action and knowledge she gets. Since childhood Darlin has always had the urge to help all those around her in need, this is why the medical field has always been in her interest. Her dream career is working as a nurse or OB GYN. Darlin is very excited to work with great students at the GEP program  with different ideas and beliefs that have one goal in mind.

Armani is a recent high school graduate from Friendship Collegiate Academy. She will attend the illustrious North Carolina Central University in the fall as a pre-nursing student. Armani was a part of the NAF health track at her highschool learning about human anatomy and physiology, medical intervention and sports medicine. During her free time, she enjoys singing, reading and doing community outreach with her family. Armani plans to become a nurse in the OB/GYN or Pediatrics branch to be able to care for children and hopefully become an inspiration to them. The GEP program will give Armani that insight, motivation and extra information that she may need for that transition from highschool to college.    

Luciana Rufael is a rising junior at Eastern Senior High School. She is part of Eastern Academy of Health Sciences and is on the track and cross country team. Her favorite classes are history and biology. Her dream is to work hard and get into Georgetown University and work towards becoming a brain surgeon. 

Kennedy Sarpong is a rising senior who is a part of the Academy of Health Sciences at Eastern Senior High School. She is very passionate about becoming an anesthesiologist after graduating from college with a major in sports medicine. Kennedy is very excited to get an early start to her medical journey because she loves the idea of giving others the proper comfort they deserve before, during, and after surgery. Outside of school Kennedy also likes to play video games, hang out with her friends, cook, and bake.

Bryelle Thompson is a rising junior at Eastern High School and she’s 15. She wants to be a NICU nurse. She found out about GEP from one of her NAF academy teachers, she told me that students from previous years loved the internship and after that she started to really get interested. She started doing research on her own about the programs and benefits.