The Georgetown University Academy for Research, Clinical, and Health Equity Scholarship

Building through Networks

August 1, 2018

In the ARCHES program, I have been privileged with the opportunity to meet many members in the Georgetown Medical community. While we may only have an hour with a visitor at times, I know that through the ARCHES program and by being physically present, I have left an impression which will be remembered even years […]

Building Professional Development with ARCHES

August 1, 2018

What professional development skills have been enhanced through your participation in ARCHES? During the second round of ARCHES interviews, I recall being asked what I thought it meant to be a “Physician Leader.” My response was along the lines of “maximizing every chance to learn, teach, and advocate in the field of medicine.” However, through […]

Building with ARCHES

August 1, 2018

The three main goals of the ARCHES program is to Build, Bridge, and Be Bold. The Build portion of the program focuses on building a support network within the Georgetown University School of Medicine and the DC community that will remain past the duration of the program. This network is multifaceted including the Office of […]

Announcement (3/1/19): ARCHES Semifinalist Decisions will be made early next week, the week of March 4, 2019. For further questions, contact the ARCHES Team at Please do not contact the School of Medicine’s Office of Admissions; they do not oversee the ARCHES application process and will be unable to answer your questions. 

The Dean for Medical Education’s Academy for Research, Clinical, and Health Equity Scholarship (ARCHES) is a six-week program for ten undergraduate students who are rising juniors and rising seniors interested in pursuing medical studies. All students are encouraged to apply, including students who identify as first-generation college students, students who come from backgrounds underrepresented in the health professions, and students who are committed to advancing opportunities for populations who lack equitable access to health care and/or committed to serving the underserved.

Immersive Research Experience 70-90 hours of clinical research with Senior Research Mentors Community Based Learning with local organizations addressing health disparities Clinical Shadowing which may include: pediatrics, neurology, OB/GYN, and other specialties

Application Deadlines

Application opens: November 1, 2018

Application closes: February 4, 2019

Applicants notified of ARCHES Fellows selection: Early April 2019

Questions about letters of recommendation and transcripts? Other questions? See the FAQ.