Stanthia Ryan

I chose the GEMS Program because of its small class size and commitment to individualized learning. GEMS taught me how to study effectively and efficiently, and I am forever grateful. Because of the small program size, I was able to get individualized attention and specific learning plans for my educational success. GEMS was truly a memorable and fun year! My most memorable experiences came from facilitated group sessions with my GEMS colleagues and Dean Taylor. We got a lot of work done, but we all enjoyed the time we spent together with lots of jokes and laughs! GEMS has shaped me in many ways. I now know how to study effectively, and I learned how to tailor my studying to specific subjects, courses, and exams. I am a better teacher because of GEMS. You should enroll in the GEMS Program if you are enthusiastic if you love to learn and teach, and if you are committed to the study of medicine. You should enroll if you have challenges with test-taking, and you are willing to alter your study habits for success!