Story of Terrence Pleasant M.D.

Terrence Pleasant M.D.

My name is Terrence Pleasant, and I am a 27-year-old African American, born and raised in Southeast, Washington, DC. My life’s journey has been filled with a great deal of both challenges and success. Although modest with limited financial and academic resources, my home was a fortress of big dreams where I was encouraged to accomplish every goal I had set for myself. As a descendant and beneficiary of a line of resilient, hardworking, and creative women, particularly, my mother, grandmother, and great grandmothers, I was fortunate to complete a rigorous education at Bowdoin College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in neuroscience.

My decision to pursue a career in medicine was a result of a landmark event in my life: the unexpected death of my great-grandmother. The woman who sat at the helm of my family had succumbed to illness and was unable to recover from her emergency surgery. After days of difficult reflection, I began to recognize both the enormous challenges and the incredible potential in medicine.  Physicians, I learned, have the unique opportunity to impact the physical, emotional and social well-being of those who are ill. Therefore, I made the decision to pursue a career where I could combine my interest in science with serving those who are in dire medical need. 

Receiving my acceptance from Georgetown University School of Medicine was one of the most memorable moments of my life. As I held the letter in my hands, I thought of my great-grandmother and how the lessons learned from our family’s loss would not be in vain. Georgetown University School of Medicine offered me an opportunity to achieve my goal of giving back to my community through medical service. I am incredibly grateful and am excited to serve others through quality medical care.