Story of Sherine Thomas M.D.

“Usually on interview day, people are often assessing you as to whether you would be a good fit for their program. However, this was my first interview, where I was shown what the program would look like and got to experience it for myself. It’s made me into a bold and confident student, which is a role that I’ll need for the rest of my life – from being unashamed to asking questions and working in a group, to learning how to  study, to taking standardized exams; skills that were so severely underdeveloped, even after high school and college. Our big sibs were so supportive of us as we went through GEMS, and towards the end of the year we had an opportunity to celebrate them and it just a beautiful moment where different generations of GEMS family were able to come together and celebrate the arduous journey of going through the GEMS program. I definitely wasn’t the brightest out of the bunch and I had a good deal of failures, which made it harder to believe if I would ever get into medical school and then if I would ever graduate medical school. By the grace of God and with tons of love and support from my GEMS family, my loved ones, and with thousands of hours of reading, studying, and testing, the impossible became possible. I would highly recommend the GEMS program to those who feel like they’re still struggling with how to study or feel like they’re putting in hours of work, but not yielding the results they want to see. With the GEMS program, you get an opportunity to experiment with different styles of learning and then you get to make it your own. If you plan on becoming a good physician for your patients, you’re learning will NEVER end. “