Story of Arthur Pope M.D.

“I chose GEMS because I knew I needed to develop  correct study habits and gain insight into medical school that I would not get in other post back programs. GEMS had a long history of placing people into medical school and that gave me the confidence to know I would reach my goal. I was one of the students who did not matriculate my GEMS year into Georgetown.  Of course, I was devastated but I used the study skill I learned during GEMS to retake the MCAT and gain acceptance to medical school the next year. 

Enjoy your time in GEMS, it’s a rough bootcamp for a reason, it will prepare you well for medical school.  For the former GEMS, keeping applying the principles  you have learned in GEMS. Also, do not forget to give back your time to the current GEMS or any other person going through this process. Share the knowledge you have gained so that we can continue diversifying the field of medicine. GEMS will prepare you for success in medical school and beyond. “