Story of Ahmad Jabbar M.D.

“The GEMS program is a one of a kind program that focuses on bringing together a group of diverse individuals that know they have what it takes to succeed in medical school and as physicians. It was apparent to me that in order to become a competent physician one day I had to build a strong foundation in medical education and GEMS had the tools I needed. Everyday was an adventure. The group learning allowed us to grow as a family and benefit from one another. We went out to eat together, even after school we still studied together, we slept at each other’s houses, some of us even married each other. My friends today were my GEMS classmates and Dean Taylor is the definition of making learning fun. GEMS is the reason I am a physician today. It allowed me to learn how to study and prioritize my learning. I have taken endless exams and now 9 board certification exams since graduating from GEMS. Without the skills I learned while in the GEMS program I’m not sure how I would have passed all of them.Enjoy the moment and learn from every lesson. Even the walking to the board to draw the cardiac cycle will one day come back to benefit you. It does every day when I teach students and patients in my cardiology clinic. For GEMS Applicants –  there is no other program like this. If you have the motivation and just need a little direction this is the program for you. It turns you into a super medical student and an unstoppable force. “