Diana Kassar

Senior Associate Dean for Finance & Administration, School of Medicine

Diana Kassar
Diana Kassar

What are three ways that you promote mutual accountability and responsibility at GUMC?

I believe in communicating, sharing information and being accessible.

Communication: Communicating goals and expectations, whether related to hiring, budgets, employee performance or projects, is critical to mutual accountability and responsibility. Employees and managers need to understand not only the mission of their school, department or project, but also their role in accomplishing those agreed-upon goals. Managers need to know that information will be communicated in a timely manner, particularly where that information will impact their staff and/or operations, and that supervisors will work diligently to communicate concerns and problems to managers before they become disruptive to operations.

Information and resources: In order to foster mutual accountability and responsibility, staff must have access to consistent, reliable information. Decision-making cannot be done without the ability to weigh and evaluate different options and their possible outcomes. Having the tools needed to perform exceptionally and providing support are instrumental in promoting mutual accountability and responsibility. My job is to ensure that departments have the information, as well as financial and educational resources needed, to educate future physicians.

Accessibility/customer service: I strongly believe that to promote mutual accountability and responsibility, one needs to be accessible, visible and willing to help. This relates to all aspects of managing: Be approachable, provide quick solutions during a crisis, be supportive during a project and offer ideas. These tools have helped me promote mutual accountability and responsibility. I also strongly believe in “customer support.” Whoever comes to me for help with an issue, whether large or small, part of my job description or not, will receive my assistance.

Why is the principle of building mutual accountability and responsibility so essential to the work you do every day?

The principle of building mutual accountability and responsibility is essential to my work because in my role I am responsible for budgets and finance. It is important for managers to work alongside me to ensure that we meet our academic goals and financial targets. I cannot do this alone; we need to work as a team. I need to be able to rely on departmental managers to use their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the School of Medicine is using its resources efficiently and providing those who teach our students with the tools they need to produce a good physician.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around the DC/MD/VA region?

When I am not at work, I am usually spending time with my large family – especially my grandchildren. I also enjoy reading, baking and knitting.