Georgetown University Medical Center Culture Spotlights

Culture Committee

The Work Relationships Committee under the GUMC Engagement Process lead by Dr. Ed Healton, Executive Vice President for the Medical Center, is co-led led by faculty Dean Susan Cheng and by administrator Annie Alston, along with Dr. Bonnie Green, Nancy Harazduk, Del Reese, David Taylor, and Rebecca Warren. This subcommittee was charged with defining the following principles:

  • Ongoing Engagement and Consultation
  • Transparency and Full Disclosure
  • Culture of Support
  • Mutual Accountability and Responsibility

Our mutual relationships are critically important to the GUMC work environment and to achieving shared success. We need to ensure that we demonstrate these principles as as community and as individuals.

The Work Relationships Committee wanted to bring these four written principles to life and profile staff and faculty who apply these values at work and across the GUMC community. These individuals are bridge-builders across the med center who cultivate strong relationships with staff and faculty at all levels.