James Granlund, Jr

Director of Facilities Management, GUMC Office of Operations and Planning

James Granlund Jr.
James Granlund, Jr

What are three ways that you promote ongoing engagement and consultation at GUMC?

Know your personnel and colleagues professionally – what they like about their job and dislike about their job; know them personally – what they like after work hours; and learn about their families. Recognize your staff and colleagues’ accomplishments – a thank-you can go a long way – and provide awards so other people can see what they do. Build teamwork through trust and good, open communication; and always be approachable.

Why is the principle of building ongoing engagement and consultation so essential to the work you do every day?

Our job depends on many internal and external personnel whom we must trust every day to complete a project or to assist with an emergency. If you don’t develop good relationships and a sound team, you take a chance of someone getting hurt or wasting a lot of money on a failed project.

What are some of your favorite things to do in or around the DC/MD/VA region?

I really enjoy many sporting events, with baseball being my absolute favorite (Washington Nationals). I really enjoy umpiring youth baseball in my county and trying new restaurants all over the region with my wife and kids.